Event Management Testimonials

In 2016 we ran our first user conference without the help of an event planner.  What a big mistake we made, coffee ran out, attendees didn’t know where to go, our staff would stay late not only running the content of the event but acting as the clean-up crew.  For 2017, we decided to try RMK.  We had a dedicated event manager assigned to us for the 9 months before the event to make sure all of our ducks were in a row.  On the day of the event, our staff could focus on giving the event soul, while RMK could focus on all of the small details.  In the chaos of the event, many small problems bubble up, but I certainly didn’t hear about any of them.  That’s because RMK did their job so well.

Kunal Johar
Operations Director, OpenWater

Thank you for taking care of every detail for our Annual Thoth Gala to make it a huge success! You and your team did a phenomenal job at managing the event, leaving our members with lasting memories of their professional achievements, We appreciate all of your hard work!

Susan Apgood & Danny Selnick
2017 PRSA-NCC Thoth Gala Co-Chairs

We agreed to sponsor an international humanitarian conference for a major intergovernmental organization and brought in RMK Productions to run the project.  It was a life-saving decision.  RMK Productions quickly took charge, identified and helped us work through  key decisions, organized the needed work streams, and directed project execution.  In the course of the preparations, we changed cities, event sites,  event focus, invitee list,  partner cosponsors and organizing staff.  We ran into unresponsive facility management, last minute local licensing problems,  disagreement among sponsors about hospitality events, and slow decision making from our multi-stakeholder organizing team.  And on the day of the event, it rained, limiting use of the extensive outdoor spaces we’d reserved to facilitate networking and technology demonstration. Throughout it all,  Reggie and her team never broke a sweat. Their calm, decisive and flexible management style overcame every obstacle, built a strong team spirit among the organizers, and kept all the partners aligned. In the end, they produced an intimate, effective and widely praised conference that set a new standard for public-private partnership events.  I cannot recommend RMK Productions more highly and  look forward to working with them on future events.

Jack Deasy
Vice President, Government Sales at O3B Networks

Reggie and her team at RMK Productions were a great pleasure to work with and did an excellent job organizing our logistically complex event, with hundreds of stakeholders coming in from around the world. RMK was especially skilled at handling several last-minute changes and accommodating the special requests of some difficult partners and guests. I wholeheartedly recommend the RMK team for any event and hope to work with them again in the future.

Kareem Elbayar
Technology Partnerships Adviser
Office of the Director, Corporate Programmes Division | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

We have hired RMK for the last four years to create and execute our annual gala that hosts up to 900 guests. Reggie and her team, are the calm in what is always a hectic storm of planning and fundraising. We continue to rely on RMK to negotiate the best prices on venues and donors and have never been disappointed. We continue to always be grateful and surprised by the resourcefulness of this team. Reggie is a complete professional and will always be someone I recommend and turn to for all of our events no matter what the size.

Patricia Eisner
Former Executive Director, NFTE
Current, Chief of Strategic Growth and Development, The Global Good Fund

We could not have picked a better partner for our annual conference management. RMK made it all look easy and seamless. Our partnership with RMK allowed us to execute our conference as if we’ve have been doing these for decades -which is exactly what we hope to do in the years to come with RMK at our side.

Mary Simpkins
Vice President of Marketing
IPS Learning

Reggie and her team at RMK Productions moved mountains for NFTE. I hired them to manage our “Dare to Dream” gala and it was the absolute best decision. When asked why should you hire RMK – the answer is because of their ability to remove all stress from their clients. Events can be chaotic, but RMK creates an environment of calmness and professionalism that I have never seen before. Their professionalism also makes them one of the most responsive companies I have ever worked with. They provide excellent customer service and are willing to tackle any task you put in front of them, regardless of what it takes to get it done. I highly recommend RMK Productions and am hoping for a long relationship between RMK and NFTE.

Julie Kantor
Executive Director, DC Region
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Reggie M. Kouba and her team at RMK Productions produced one of the most engaging, well scripted events I have ever attended. The logistics, stories, layout and overall flow of the event were amazing. This event had many moving parts and RMK made the preparation seem flawless. Their attention to the smallest detail is astounding. I would recommend to any firm or association looking to have a true event partner that will produce and manage a top-notch event to hire RMK Productions.

Sid Banerjee
CEO, Clarabridge
Chair of the 2012 NFTE “Dare to Dream” Gala

Reggie is a true pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, level-headedness and good humor kept us all reassured as we planned an important public event to launch our TB vaccine manufacturing facility. She brought fresh ideas to the planning and pragmatic solutions to some of the challenges we faced. Her excellent network of contacts with a broad array of vendors enabled us to make the best choices for services we needed to make our event a success. She also saved us a significant amount of trouble and inconvenience by being the go-between and manager of those vendors, enabling us to focus our energy on the parts of the event that directly related to our mission. That division of labor really served us well. She was creative and flexible, accommodating last-minute changes in plans and ensuring that the entire event went very smoothly. Her advice was also very helpful regarding our public relations activities and outreach to our VIP guest speakers, who included several elected officials and other dignitaries. Everyone who participated in the event was extremely impressed, and we owe much of that praise to Reggie’s outstanding contribution.

Peg Willingham
Senior Director, External Affairs
Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation

Reggie and her team at RMK Productions are fabulous to work with! They can handle the entire event, or targeted specific functions. They are flexible, reliable and a general joy to work with. They were incredibly responsive to all our needs and served as an extension of our team. Partnering with RMK Productions reduced my anxiety level immensely! I recommend them highly.

Kathy Albarado
President & CEO
Helios HR