Association Management Excellence

The team members at RMK are experts in managing associations of all sizes. RMK delivers attention to detail, creative engagement strategies and logistics support to ensure that associations’ back offices are efficient. RMK’s management professionals are committed to helping associations reach their financial and membership goals, while simultaneously instituting program and communication efficiencies. At RMK, it’s all about partnering with you and your leaders to add value to your members.

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Providing Truly Special Live, Virtual & Hybrid Event Management

Meeting and event management is the backbone of RMK Productions. This woman-owned business seamlessly provides live, virtual and hybrid event management for all types of companies and organizations. Be it a corporate strategy meeting, a complex, multi-day program for thousands (live, virtual or hybrid), or anything in between, RMK Productions’ unparalleled attention to detail makes each event it manages a smashing success. At RMK, it’s all about adding value.

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"Pivoting from a half-day, in-person conference for 150 people to a live virtual event for over 200 people was necessary, but the organization had not executed a Zoom virtual webinar before. Thanks to RMK’s expertise and their virtual event producer, our inaugural signature event was a complete success."

— Sirena Johnson, Co-Chair SECAF 2019-2020; Richard Pineda, Vice Chair, SECAF 2019-2020

"RMK has been an invaluable part of the behind-the-scenes operations our of organization for some time. They certainly make everything look effortless. One area they really excelled was supporting our transition from hosting in-person events to virtual-only. We could not have succeeded without RMK’s expertise and professionalism."

— Caitlin Hickey, WIIT Vice President of Programming

"Committing to lead a networking-focused, all volunteer organization during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately I had the RMK team at my side keeping ahead of the constant change, bringing excitement to our virtual world and importantly, keeping the leadership team calm and focused. "

— Daphne Wotherspoon, 2020-21 WIT President

"For more than five years RMK has successfully managed our day-to-day operations providing our volunteer leadership the luxury of focusing on the mission and strategy. One of our biggest accomplishments during my tenure was working with RMK to build new financial reporting formats that make our 501(c)3 compliance monitoring significantly easier."

— Marian L. McKee, PhD, Chair 2015-2019, STEM for Her

"It wasn’t until I assumed the role of President that I learned the true depth of RMK’s partnership with us and I couldn’t be more grateful. From our Professor’s Institute to our MAXI competition and our silent auction, their institutional knowledge and well-documented processes make my life easier every day. RMK sets the bar for my definition of client service."

— Rick Powell, Immediate Past President 2019 – Director Marketing Association of Washington Educational Foundation

"For our 20th anniversary we decided to make it a celebration like no other. The RMK team proved essential to our success, by making it all appear seamless. From preparing and coordinating with our speakers to running the technology for four keynote presentations and 110 speakers across four participant tracks during the 24-hour event. We couldn’t have done it without them. "

— Kelly Santalucia, Director of Events and Corporate Support, The Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP)

"Despite the pandemic, SECAF had an exceptionally strong year! Thanks in large part to the RMK team’s agility, innovative thinking, and executive support — membership is up, revenues are up, sponsorship dollars are strong, and overall expenses are down. With RMK’s help, SECAF was able to hold 50 percent more events this year, including two virtual galas that attracted more than 625 attendees."

— Richard Pineda, 2020-21 SECAF Chair

"RMK’s fantastic team made TPN’s virtual Transatlantic Week 2021 truly a great success. Their proactive counsel, precise communications and calm professionalism was a huge help when the pressure was on. And with 28 speakers and more than 150 participants across multiple time zones there was plenty of pressure, but the RMK team always made sure we looked good. The TPN-RMK collaboration was terrific."

— Vivien Haig, Board Member, Transatlantic Policy Network

"2020 and 2021 demonstrated the value of having a strategic partner that can grow and shift with you. As we transitioned from 2019 into 2020 SFH had big plans to expand our fundraising while growing our own programming and significantly increasing the reach of our grant-funded programs. We had some challenges along the way, but through it all RMK was there helping us keep to a steady course."

— Lisa Mayr, Chair, 2020-21, STEM for Her

"RMK is an incredible asset for SECAF. Their continual forward thinking, support, and execution for our organization has made it possible for SECAF to experience incredible organizational growth. As we are a 90%+ volunteer organization, RMK successfully supports and executes more than 45 events each year, with extreme professionalism, that does not exhaust or stress our volunteers."

— Curt R. Anderson, Immediate Past President 2018-19, SECAF