Customer Experience

Event Management

Customers of RMK may receive different types of services, but they all remark on one unwavering benefit: value. The company consistently strives to provide clients with a resource that adds value to the bottom line, an ideology that manifests in successful events, smooth association operations and satisfied clients.

Since its inception, RMK has focused our core business at serving the volunteer-driven, membership-based organization market in the Greater Washington, DC area. Currently all of our association clients are volunteer, membership-based organizations.

We believe RMK continues to be so successful serving this specific segment of the association market because our leadership has extensive experience on the other side of the table. Having volunteered with professional associations and other organizations, we understand what is required of volunteer leaders, how we can best help and perhaps most importantly, we intuitively understand how to become an integral part of the organization and board in ways that seamlessly deliver substantive value to our clients and their members.

Check out what some of our customers reported about their favorable experiences with RMK:

It has been such a pleasure working with the entire RMK team.  They have taken care of all the administrative and back office functions over the past few years and really alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety by making sure everything is being looked after and taken care of.  They continue to go above and beyond in their service to our organization and are fully embedded partners in our success.

Scott M. Brezler
CPA| Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
President, SECAF 2014-2016



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