Association Management Testimonials

Women in Technology


Carrie Drake, President
Women in Technology (WIT)

During my Presidency, RMK was a critical part of our operations and continued growth. RMK was a true strategic partner, starting from my year as incoming President. The entire team was responsive and insightful throughout the entire on-boarding process. Their suggestions, improvements and overall management of the transition ensured a smooth start for my year as President. I especially valued their proactive engagement, including new ideas and suggestions to streamline our process, and better leverage the engagement of our exceptional Board AND diverse membership. RMK’s events management expertise is exceptional, not only deliver a quality well run event, but being an integral partner to help our events stand out, with exceptional logistics, creative agenda and ensuring positive attendee engagement. During my leadership, we also partnered with RMK to build requirements for our member management and web presence, drafted and issued a RFP, selected a vendor and successfully transitioned to a new AMS. The result was a higher level of member service, improved tracking and reporting and a more updated and user-friendly web site.

Lisa Schroeter, WIIT President 2018-2019
The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT)

When I took over as the Chair of WIIT Trust, we partnered with RMK to reset our operations including banking, donation processing, scholarship contest, silent auction event, web site and more. One of the highlights of my tenure was partnering with RMK on our annual Holiday Reception and Silent Auction which raises scholarship money for young women studying international trade. RMK’s support of this event was instrumental in helping us plan and execute a successful event which raised more money for scholarships than any other previous event.

Kathi Lunardi, WIIT Trust Chair 2018-2020
WIIT Trust

RMK is an incredible asset for SECAF. Their continual forward thinking, support, and execution for our organization has made it possible for SECAF to experience incredible organizational growth. As we are a 90%+ volunteer organization, RMK successfully supports and executes more than 45 events each year, with extreme professionalism, that does not exhaust or stress our volunteers. In addition, this past year RMK was instrumental in the achievement of a number of major initiatives designed to improve sponsorship, execute a new membership marketing strategy, realize event and organizational cost savings, expand recruitment, and foster greater retention. They provide the backbone to SECAF which provides the directed ability for SECAF to expand our offerings and truly provide value back to our membership.

Curt R. Anderson
Immediate Past President – Small and Emerging Contracts Advisory Forum

Women in Technology
As we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of WIT and the 20th Anniversary of our Leadership Awards, our decade-long relationship with RMK really shined. With the help of the RMK team we were able to realize WIT’s vision to re-engage past leaders in a way that truly showcased how WIT has helped so many women in tech grow their voices and share that power with the current generation of rising women leaders.

Margo Dunn
Immediate Past President – Women in Technology

Direct Marketing Association of Washington

It wasn’t until I assumed the role of President that I learned the true depth of RMK’s partnership with us and I couldn’t be more grateful. From our Professor’s Institute to our MAXI competition and our silent auction, their institutional knowledge and well-documented processes make my life easier every day. RMK sets the bar for my definition of client service.

Rick Powell, President
Direct Marketing Association of Washington Educational Foundation

Association of Meeting Professionals

RMK has had a significant operational impact during our first two years together. They have helped us refresh and update many of our processes which has allowed all of us to work together on membership growth as well as improving internal and board roles and responsibilities to help AMPs improve.  Renewing our contract for another two years was just smart business.

Krista LeZotte, CMP, CSEP
Associate Director, Meeting Operations & Special Events, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership
Immediate Past Chair – Association of Meeting Professionals


For more than five years RMK has successfully managed our day-to-day operations providing our volunteer leadership the luxury of focusing on the mission and strategy. One of our biggest accomplishments during my tenure was working with RMK to build new financial reporting formats that make our 501(c)3 compliance monitoring significantly easier. In addition to the financial tracking and support at our events, RMK’s help implementing auction software helped increase revenues from both our live and silent auctions making our gala an incredible success. The RMK team is a true partner.

Marian L. McKee, PhD
Chair 2015-2019 – STEM for Her


Reggie and her team at RMK do an amazing job lifting their clients to help them realize ‘more’. At Helios HR, I hired RMK to help us launch the Helios Apollo Awards, an event that grew from 180 participants to 500 during our time together. As a Board member, I have also had the pleasure of working with the RMK team as they have operated the back office of SECAF for the last several years. Whether managing events at all levels, communicating with members, or ensuring we optimize the communication of our programming, they have been a joy to work with.

Kathy Albarado
SECAF Chair 2017-2018

Women in Technology

For WIT, RMK brings both continuity and change. Our decade-plus relationship with RMK works because they bring an essential historical perspective of how things have always been done while never failing to smartly advocate for change that keeps us moving forward.

Trish Barber
Founder, 3 Ways Digital
WIT President 2017-18


In less than 12 months, RMK rebuilt many of our processes, reestablished relationships with our corporate members, and restored our individual member renewal process. Those efforts helped us achieve a 20%+ increase in memberships this year. And they did it all while jumping in feet first during the first 60 days to produce a highly successful WIIT Annual Awards Meeting & Dinner for 180 guests. I would highly recommend RMK for their superior customer service and partnership approach to managing our association.

Leslie Griffin, Past President
The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT)

Women in Technology

Reggie and her team have supported WIT for the last 10 years and very quickly established RMK as WIT’s trusted and important partner and resource.  RMK’s attention to detail and its ability to understand not only the day to day but also the strategic goals of our organization has enabled WIT to more effectively carry out its mission. The experience and wisdom that RMK brings has earned them a respected seat at the table in WIT.

Kathryn Harris
Executive Counsel, RLG, plc.
WIT Immediate Past President and General Counsel


It has been such a pleasure working with the entire RMK team.  They have taken care of all the administrative and back office functions over the past few years and really alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety by making sure everything is being looked after and taken care of.  They continue to go above and beyond in their service to our organization and are fully embedded partners in our success.

Scott M. Brezler
CPA| Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
President, SECAF 2014-2016

Women in Technology

Committed. Effective. Professional.  These are three words I would use to describe Reggie and the RMK team.  Through our multi-year partnership, we continue to see the WIT organization grow due to their knowledge of association management and experience in executing programs.  We very much value the ideas that the RMK team brings to the table.  I am looking forward to seeing where RMK will help take the organization in the years to come.

Lisa Dezzutti
President, Market Connections
2015-2016 President, Women in Technology